Joyce - Gardener


Joyce has been working at Vhutshilo Mountain School since 2009. She works in the vegetable garden and nursery with Evelyn.

She enjoys working in the garden and loves being part of the Vhutshilo family. Joyce also helps take care of the younger children when a teacher is away on study leave or sick, and she helps in the traditional dancing classes by beating the drums.

Joyce and her husband have  nine children and eight grandchildren. She learnt about VMS when one of her sons got into a relationship with a HIV+ woman,  The couple had two children, and as Joyce was the caregiver for the two infected children, she became a member of the Caregivers support group of the Vhutshilo outreach programme, and the two children joined the  ARV support group. Being a member of the group, she gained more knowledge and skills about HIV/AIDS and shared her experiences with other Caregivers. This equipped her to give her grandchildren better and more specialized care and support. She then got the opportunity to work as a gardener at the school.


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