Ensuring that orphans and children from dysfunctional and/or poverty-stricken families from the Nzhelele Valley, have access to the highest possible personalised care, stimulation, and education by attending, on a daily basis, the educational programmes of the school.

Ensuring that HIV positive children, children living with AIDS, and vulnerable children are living healthy, happy and productive, free of stigma, by making use of the Outreach programmes in the communities supported by Vhutshilo Mountain School.

Children and youth in need of special care

Vhutshilo Mountain school strives to reach all the children and youth in need of special care. Those most at risk are undoubtedly the youngest survivors of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, orphans, and vulnerable youth. These children are usually raised in extreme poverty by a grandparent or elder sibling, and frequently ostracised by their neighbours. Vhutshilo Mountain School seeks to address this situation for as many children as possible through their school and outreach programmes.