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Educational Toys

Do you have educational toys suitable for children 1-2 years old? We have a small collection of educational toys, but many are very worn and well-loved and we are always looking for new toys to stimulate these young minds.


Baby Toys

Do you have toys suitable for children 0-2 years old? Our class of youngest students has a small number of toys, but not enough for the entire class of 30 to play together. We are always looking for more toys to enrich both the play and learning experience of our students.


Mattresses for Nap Time

Naptime is a standard part of our pre-school classes. Currently we have carpets to cover the floors, but in winter these thin carpets do little to buffer the children from exposure to the cold concrete floors. We are looking for a donation of mattresses or thicker mats to make the children more comfortable.

I would like to donate

We are happy to hear about that, please send us the form below and we will contact you.

How to donate goods

We accept in-kind donations on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch with us regarding the donation you wish to make and we will work with you to arrange transport and/or pick-up of the goods.