Carpentry Skills Development


Our aim with this program is to empower 6 vulnerable youth and women with carpentry skills that will help them find a job or create a job for themselves and others in the community. Through this program we hope to provide viable employment opportunities to youth who need an alternative to school or who do not qualify for government bursaries. This training will allow participants to learn a tangible skill and give them hope, confidence, and a way to earn an income. The initial funds we seek for this program will be used to purchase set of communal classroom tools and to pay a trainer to conduct the initial week-long workshop. Click here for a breakdown of the carpentry tools we plan to purchase. (Note: All prices on the tools are in South African Rand. The dollar amount we seek is based on the exchange rate on March 9, 2017, plus an additional ZAR1000 which will be used to pay the trainer.)