Khathu is the Programme Director of Vhutshilo Mountain School since August 2019.  She is meticulous and extremely competent, and our financial procedures are always approved by the auditors.

As the Director she has won the trust of all our beneficiaries, even the elderly which is not an easy task in our rural communities, and the children in the Anti-Retroviral Support group love her like a mom.

Khathu is compassionate and has a great sense of humour. Although most of the staff are a lot older than her and, in some cases have working at Vhutshilo Mountain School for a much longer period, she is respected as the ‘little boss’, and rules with a firm and a no nonsense attitude. She is always prepared to work during weekends when needed and she never says no to any training opportunity to improve her own skills.

Besides being an excellent mom of two small children, she has two younger sisters that she has assisted with their tertiary education, and an elderly mother that she looks after. Funders/donors often worry about what will happen when Sue Anne is no longer able to manage the organisation, but this is not a major concern as  Khathu is more than capable of maintaining and improving the pre school and outreach programme.

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