Mashudu – Pre-school Teacher


Mashudu joined the school as in March 2016. She is a fully qualified pre school teacher and she wanted the job because she believed that at Vhutshilo Mountain School she could improve her teaching skills. She says that working with children is rewarding as they are pure, innocent and give unconditional love.

She loves the idea of teaching the children English as this is not taught at most of the other pre-schools in South Africa. Apart from the language challenge that attracted Mashudu, the school gets volunteers and visitors from all over the world. Mashudu feels that she can learn a lot from them and they can also learn from her.

Mashudu’s daily job is to teach the toddlers (aged 3 to 4 years) colours, counting, singing and hygiene. She enjoys the indoor activities after the morning plenary gathering very much. There, children really learn to be creative while doing artwork, building towers with blocks and doing performances. She also assists with the classes for the older children.

Her love for children does not stop with teaching. She has three children of her own, two daughters, a son and a grandchild that she takes care of. They live together, sadly without her husband, who passed away in 2011. They live in Biaba Makhado, a town quite far from Vhutshilo so she wakes up at 4 o’clock to be on time every day.

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