Phatuaani - Principal and Teacher


Fhatu joined the VMS teaching staff in February 2014. She had 19 years of practical teaching experience and since she has been at VMS has been attending part time classes at Thusanang Trust. She has almost completed her final year to achieve her level 4  diploma in Early Childhood Education (ECD) She loves to work and play with children.

Fhathu teaches maths and literacy to the older pre school class. The children are taught in their mother tongue, Tshivenda, and basic English.  As Principal she is also responsible for supervising the other teacher and baby minder.  Besides basic education the children also compete with other pre schoolers in traditional dancing and singing and usually come in the top 3 places.

Fhatu is a single Mom and has three children:  her oldest child is 20 years old and currently in college, studying to become an office administrator, and her other children are in grade 12 and grade 2.

Her favourite memories are the Graduation ceremonies in December every year, and the birthday parties that are held twice a year. She loves seeing the children happy and smiling during those celebrations..

When asked if she liked to add something to her story she answered that she wants more people to know about the school. She emphasised that there is a high funding need, as there are so many more orphans and vulnerable children who need a good education and support.

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