Phophy – House keeper and Gardener


Phophi started at Vhutshilo Mountain School as a member of the Adult HIV positive support group. In 2007 she got a job at the school. Her daily work exists of cleaning, changing nappies of the children and taking care of the flowers in the garden around the school.

Phophi says that she is happy to work at Vhutshilo Mountain School everyday, she really likes her job and the people around her. She went to Adult Basic Education and Training, where she learned to speak and to write English.

Phophi has one HIV affected daughter with three children, unfortunately it is not going very well with her. With the help of Sue Ann, Phophy is now the official caregiver for the grandchildren and she gets the Child grand from the government. Phophi makes sure that the money is being spent on the children and not on other things that don’t benefit the children. All three of her grandchildren went to Vhutshilo Mountain School. Two of them are now in highschool and doing very well. The third grandchild is still going to Vhutshilo.

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